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Our Mission

Our Story

Our Mission is to provide high-quality products and create positive experiences for families in service to our community. 

The story of The Little Red Orchard starts with a new chapter of a 20 year history of our family living in the Rickman community. This story begins with an opportunity provided by a neighbor to acquire approximately 20 acres adjoining to our family's property. The agreement, "we promise to take good care of the property and will not allow residential development." What better way in honoring that promise than to establish a fruit orchard. Thereby ensuring the land provides resources to our community and honors a long held tradition of farming within the community. 

We celebrated the establishment of The Little Red Orchard in 2020 by planting over 500 fruit trees followed by phase two planting of an additional 625 trees. Although it will take a "little" time for the trees to be productive, The Little Red Orchard pumpkin patch and other planned events will be an immediate way to bring memories to our community. 

So, come along with The Little Red Orchard for the journey. Watch for future events, products, and services as we bring a little fruit and fun to our community! In the meantime, check out our products page for the different varieties of fruit trees coming to the orchard. 

From our The Little Red Orchards straight to your table. Inspire someone every day!

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